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Video Available from Church-sponsored Symposium at United Nations

Dr. Ganoune Diop, director of Public Affairs and Religious Liberty for the Adventist world church, was one of several speakers at a U.N. event January 23 this year, which explored how faith-based entities can both support and spearhead global peace-building efforts.

“Building peace is not a narrow enterprise,” said Diop in his first presentation of the day. “It means considering and engaging with the full spectrum of human life—spiritual, moral and physical. Yes, peace requires the absence of violence, but it also requires the presence of everything needed to support human dignity.” Thus, he added, the prerequisites for peace include the necessities of life—shelter, food, work—as well as freedom from coercion and fear.

The full day of presentations was recorded by the United Nations, and can be accessed from the U.N. website, or by clicking the links, below.

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4