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The Crisis of Crises: Racism in its Multifaceted Forms

The Landscape of Current Crises

The international community has faced serious potential threats to the survival of the human race. Nations are involved in multilateral consultations and agreements to thwart the all-too-real danger of nuclear threats. As it has been stated, “Our world increasingly depends on elaborate networks: electricity power grids, air traffic control, international finance, globally dispersed manufacturing, and so forth. Unless these networks are highly resilient, their benefits could be outweighed by catastrophic (albeit rare) breakdowns—real-world analogues of what happened in the 2008 global financial crisis.”[1]

Along with the threats to the survival of the human race, there are various current crises that are deeply and tragically affecting our world.

It has become necessary and urgent to address this last crisis that intersects with all the other crises. Moreover, addressing this crisis is a condition sine qua non for the healing that is desperately needed at a global level. In many parts of the world, the resurgence of generational feuds is an all-too-frequent signal that deep healing is needed.

To overcome and abolish the crisis of racism, one has to go beyond symptoms to the root causes. Focusing on causation helps delineate the best diagnoses possible before suggesting solutions, prescriptions, and plans of action to implement and follow-up on in order to consolidate gains in humanizing our world.

Addressing, therefore, more specifically the crisis of racism, it is imperative to look at the root causes. More studies and intelligent conversations are needed, but for a general starting point of reflection, the following is in order:

Root Causes of the Pandemic of Racism

Ganoune Diop, Ph.D.

Watch the full interview here:

This article was first published on the G20 Interfaith Forum, and may also be found at https://blog.g20interfaith.org/2021/05/25/the-cris...