We work to position the Seventh-day Adventist Church and its services to a standing of credibility, trust, and relevance in the public realm.

Religious Liberty Dinner

Making Friends, Making an Impact, Highlighting Religious Freedom

The GC PARL department, in partnership with Liberty magazine and the General Conference, has organized an annual Religious Liberty Dinner in Washington, D.C. for more than a decade. Although this event has a national focus—the White House, Washington’s diplomatic corps, and members of the United States Congress—this concept can be adapted for almost any other context. Whether your focus is nation-wide, state-wide or even city-wide, a Religious Liberty Dinner can be an effective means of raising the profile of the Adventist Church and highlighting its commitment to religious freedom.

In establishing a regular Religious Liberty Dinner, your goals may be to:

This short video describes the event, and helps explain how anyone can adapt it to create connections for religious freedom within their own country or community.