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Spring Meeting at the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventist world headquarters, in Silver Spring, Maryland, took place April 11-12, 2017. Its theme was "Reach the World: Christ Our Righteousness"

PARL Director Shares Devotionals at General Conference Spring Meeting

PARL director Dr. Ganoune Diop addressed Seventh-day Adventist Church leaders from around the world who were gathered at the General Conference for an annual administrative meeting April 11 and 12. Over the course of the two mornings, Dr. Diop presented devotionals focused on the book of Revelation, and explored key themes related to the work of Public Affairs and Religious Liberty. His presentation notes are available for download here.

Download notes from Dr. Diop's first presentation to the General Conference Executive Committee at Spring Meeting, April 11, 2017: "The Book of Revelation and the Central Pillar of the Seventh-day Adventist Faith: The Last Testament of Jesus Christ."

Spring Meeting Meditation 1

Download notes from Dr. Diop's second presentation to Spring Meeting, April 12, 2017: "God’s Revealed Insights into our World: Signs of the Times and Messages for our Time."

Spring Meeting Meditation 2