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Church Leaders Laud Frontline Religious Freedom Work

"We need you!" church leader tells PARL directors

The Public Affairs and Religious Liberty ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church is becoming “more and more important,” said world church president Pastor Ted N.C. Wilson during a historic gathering of some 4,000 pastors from across South America. In his address, Pastor Wilson called on pastors and administrators to support the efforts of PARL as it represents the church within many different public settings.

The meeting, held May 26 to 30 in Iguassu, Brazil, brought together pastors from the eight countries of the South American division—the first time a world church region has run a combined training event for all its pastors.

Dr. John Graz, PARL director for the Adventist Church worldwide, also addressed the ministers in a series of lectures. He said later that Pastor Wilson’s words represented “a strong message of encouragement” for the efforts of PARL around the world. 

“The words of our president are a reminder that PARL is an essential frontline ministry of the Adventist Church,” said Graz. “His remarks are especially timely given our plans for next years’ 7th World Congress, which will highlight the vital work of PARL.”

The 7th International Religious Liberty World Congress will be held April 24 to 26 in the Dominican Republic’s famed Punta Cana beach resort area, and will bring together a diverse international group of PARL leaders, religious liberty scholars and practitioners, government officials, and non-governmental organizations.

Pastor Wilson’s comments come just a few days after Inter-American Division president, Pastor Israel Leito, told union PARL leaders, “We need you! You are the face of the church—the ‘storm-stoppers.’ We need you at every level of our church.”

“As we prepare for next year’s World Congress, we’re especially grateful for these strong statements of support from our world church leaders,” said Dr. Graz.  

For more information about the 7th International Religious Liberty World Congress, please visit www.irla.org.