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2012 Updates

VIEW COMPLETE DOCUMENTWarmth, Honesty Mark Adventist-Mennonite Dialogue

Representatives of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists and the Mennonite World Conference met in dialogue May 28-31 near Basel, Switzerland.

VIEW COMPLETE DOCUMENTAdventist Lawyers meet to discuss Church’s legal issues

Recognizing the need for better collaboration and unity among Adventist lawyers, the Office of the General Counsel of the Adventist World Church hosted a Legal Conference at the Barcelo Bavaro Hotel and Convention Centre in the Dominican Republic, on Monday, April 23, 2012.

VIEW COMPLETE DOCUMENTHungary amends religion law; Seventh-day Adventists among churches recognized

Hungary’s parliament has voted to amended the controversial “Law on Churches” and expand the list of officially recognized churches from 14 to 32.

VIEW COMPLETE DOCUMENTBirth Control and Religious Liberty: An Adventist Perspective

What principles should guide the Adventist Church's response to the current debate about government-mandated health insurance coverage for contraception? The Public Affairs and Religious Liberty department, along with the Office of General Counsel, reviews some long-standing values that will help chart our course.

VIEW COMPLETE DOCUMENTStep Forward for Adventist Church Re-registration in Hungary

A Hungarian parliamentary committee announced this week that it is recommending 17 religious denominations—including the Adventist Church—for official “church status.”

VIEW COMPLETE DOCUMENTJamaican Adventists Celebrate Religious Freedom

Seventh-day Adventists in Jamaica gave thanks January 28 for the ability to worship freely, and pledged themselves to continue their efforts to promote and protect this fundamental human right.

VIEW COMPLETE DOCUMENTFaith in the public sector? Young Adventist professionals speak out

Do individual Seventh-day Adventists have a contribution to make in the public sector? The answer is a resounding “Yes,” according to a group of young Adventist professionals from the Washington DC area who are making their mark in both government and public advocacy.