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2010 Updates

VIEW COMPLETE DOCUMENTGraz reelected Secretary of the Conference of the Christian World Communions

On Wednesday November 3, 2010, the Secretaries of the Christian World Communions elected Dr John Graz Secretary for the 5th time at their meeting in Geneva, Switzerland.

VIEW COMPLETE DOCUMENTTeach young people respect for different faiths, panel of experts advises

Promoting tolerance and respect among faith groups depends on education, members of the International Religious Liberty Association's panel of experts said last week.

VIEW COMPLETE DOCUMENTAdventist leaders update Brazilian consul on church's work

Seventh-day Adventist Church officers yesterday welcomed Washington's Brazilian consul general to the denomination's world headquarters.

VIEW COMPLETE DOCUMENTLutherans apologize for 16th century persecution of Anabaptists

A global Lutheran counsel in Germany officially apologized for its 16th century persecution of Anabaptists -- religious reformers whose descendants include Mennonites and whose beliefs profoundly influenced the founders of Seventh-day Adventism.

VIEW COMPLETE DOCUMENTAdventists monitoring possible Sunday business-closing law in Europe

Seventh-day Adventist religious liberty proponents are monitoring a proposal from a European Parliament member who wants businesses to close on Sundays.

VIEW COMPLETE DOCUMENTNorwegian ambassador, Paulsen meet at church headquarters

The ambassador of Norway to the United States Wegger Christian Strommen, in a visit to the Seventh-day Adventist Church headquarters last month, praised Seventh-day Adventists for their worldwide humanitarian work and denominational unity.

VIEW COMPLETE DOCUMENT'Who's Who' at the Session

In addition to the thousands of Adventists attending the General Conference Session in Atlanta, several high-profile guests are present, representing various entities, political organizations, and faith groups.

VIEW COMPLETE DOCUMENTNominating Committee focuses on associate directors

Robert Kyte, chair of the Nominating Committee, and Ismael Castillo, associate secretary, appeared before session delegates Wednesday afternoon, July 30, to present what Kyte called, two reports.

VIEW COMPLETE DOCUMENTAdventist elected secretary of UN NGO committee to promote religious liberty

A Seventh-day Adventist religious liberty advocate was elected secretary of the United Nations non-governmental Committee on Freedom of Religion or Belief earlier this month.

VIEW COMPLETE DOCUMENTVisit to Timor-Leste reveals religious liberty gains

Cementing religious pluralism is "no small task" in a country that has struggled for national unity for decades, a Seventh-day Adventist religious liberty advocate said after visiting the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste earlier this month.

VIEW COMPLETE DOCUMENTWhat would Jesus carry?

Every generation has to relearn the story of Jesus. In many ways His story is viewed through the filter of cultural context in which it is read. The bias and attitude of the age makes adjustments to the stories of the past. It becomes an eye-opening experience for successive generations to hear an ancient story for its own sake without the cultural and contextual blinders of the current age.